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Questions List:

When will I receive my loan? menu ^

Usually, the money are credited to your bank account within 24 hours following you confirm the terms of your loan request. Mind that it may take a bit faster or longer depending on the bank you have your account with.

What is the maximum loan amount? menu ^

The maximum loan amount is $3000. If you would like to take out a bigger loan, please let us know and one of our managers will get in touch with you to negotiate this possibility.

How can I know whether I qualify? menu ^

Once you complete the request form on this website, a lender, chosen by us, will contact you back in just 2–5 minutes. If this does not happen, this means you do not have a chance to get a loan from our network of lenders. We highly recommend you to make sure you’ve entered the correct data in the given application form.

Thus, to know whether you qualify, you only need to fill out our request form and wait some minutes for an answer.

When my application will be approved? menu ^

When you complete the request form on this website, we try to pick up the most suitable lender for you basing on the information you provided. The selected lender will contact you back, clarify the loan terms and answer any of your questions. After the talk, you will know whether the lender will approve or turn down your loan request.

The whole process takes no more than several minutes.

Will I need to scan or fax anything? menu ^

There is no hard and fast answer to this question. There are numerous factors that may have an impact on a lender’s decision. Everything does not depend upon a lender but upon a borrower (you). Suppose, you’ve completed our loan request form, and the basic information you’ve provided is enough to loan you a necessary sum of money. In this case, you will not need to scan or fax anything. But it can be quite the contrary: if a lender needs some additional information, he may ask you to provide it.

Typically, there is no need in any faxes what makes payday, installment and personal loans so popular.

What are the office hours? menu ^

We work around-the-clock and therefore you can apply whenever it’s more convenient for you.

Are your services international? menu ^

No, they are not. We offer installment loans only in the United States on a nationwide basis.

Will I need to pay any secondary fees? menu ^

No, you won’t. Our company provides you a completely transparent borrowing process and doesn’t impose neither start-up nor hidden charges.

I am a bad credit customer. Can I qualify? menu ^

While some lenders in our network always scrutinize a consumer’s credit history through their own information channels (teletrack, inner database), there are also other ones that get enough with the provided data to make sure a consumer is not bankrupt and does not have missed or skipped payments with other lenders.

In a majority of cases, a bad credit history or a total absence of it does not influence a loan decision. This is so because short-term loans are fully supported by the consumer’s income. Moreover, a spoiled credit reputation or the absence of a credit history is not a reason to refuse your request. This only may influence the amount of a loan, its terms, and interest rate.

So, yes, surely you can qualify for an installment loan. The most crucial thing you need to have in order to qualify is being employed and having an income source.

I have bankruptcy. Can I still apply? menu ^

Unfortunately, in order to qualify for an installment loan you must not have any record of bankruptcy.

I am on benefits. Is it considered income? menu ^

It doesn’t matter where your income comes from and the main thing that it’s official and lawful. Just specify this information while filling out our loan request form.

I only possess a savings account. Will it do? menu ^

If you want to get a loan, you need to have one of the following accounts: checking or savings. That is why yes, you can apply for a loan possessing a savings account.

Are my personal data safe with your company? menu ^

You can rest assured that your personal information, including payment data, will be kept safe thanks to a state-of-the-art data security technology.

Can I repay the loan whenever more convenient for me? menu ^

Yes, you can. You can discuss the options for customizing your repayment schedule with the lender you matched with after requested a loan through our form.

I am not able to redeem the loan before the due date. What should I do? menu ^

If you cannot pay back the loan before the due date because of this or that thing, you will need to get in touch with your lender and ask for deferment of your repayments. This way you will simply need to cover certain fees associated with the payment delay.

Mind though that payment extensions are considered against the law in some states. Therefore, you will need to contact us or your lender in order to receive all necessary information about your case.