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What is No Teletrack Installment Loans Guaranteed Approval?

We’ve got a question from Michel:

While searching for a reliable lender, I noticed that there are services offering no Teletrack installment loans guaranteed approval. What is “Teletrack” all about? Is there any risk for a borrower who decided to take such a loan? Thanks in advance, Michel, Grand Forks, ND.

When a lender does not check the data about your previous loans, it is No Teletrack installment loans guaranteed approval. A Teletrack system has got really nationwide because there are already thousands of installment lenders who use it while checking a credit reputation and underwriting of a potential borrower. In order to check a credit recipient’s information, the loan suppliers get subscribed to a private third party that acts as the Teletrack system provider. Teletrack is aimed to help lenders avoid dishonest clients and model the loan behavior of borrowers more correctly.

Thanks to the modern reporting systems, Teletrack users are able to track and evaluate financial transactions, credit reputation, and profiles of potential borrowers with enhanced accuracy before approving them a loan.

Put it simply, all your unpaid debts or loan delinquency are automatically registered in a unified Teletrack database. The presence of these factors may influence the lender’s decision during the risk assessment. A Teletrack approach is actively employed throughout the world, including the leading countries like UK and Canada. Many credit institutes (storefront, online, micro lenders) already use this system. However, do not think that your bank activities will be included into Teletrack. It is another system known as Telecheck or Chexsystems that deals with it. So, it’s up to you to decide whether this type of loan is right for you.

Teletrack: benefits and drawbacks

Loans, processed via Teletrack, ensure that a borrower deals with fully-licensed lenders, which are thoroughly verified before being allowed to use the system. This means, that in a majority of cases the government will regulate the creditors’ activity while a borrower is protected by Fair Reporting Credit Law, which controls the privacy of personal credit information. Since Teletrack users face more strict oversight and severe requirements, this reduces a chance of a credit approval.

Who can use no Teletrack installment loans guaranteed approval

If you have ever been late with payments or even failed to pay back a loan, this information will definitely appear in the Teletrack database. And a bad credit history may cause borrowers some problems when they may try to apply for a quick loan again: Teletrack empowers the lenders to assess borrowers’ repayment ability “on the fly”.  In a case of a spoiled credit reputation or when you urgently need easy cash, a no Teletrack installment loans guaranteed approval seems quite helpful, especially if you are sure that you will be able to pay back without delays.

When no Teletrack installment loans guaranteed approval is not necessary

If you are a responsible loan payer with a positive credit history and have never been late with paying back, all the lenders will quickly approve your personal loan application. What is more, bad bank credits are not indicated in Teletrack, what is very beneficial when a borrower tries to obtain an installment loan: there are more lenders to choose from and more opportunities to find the best offer.

How to improve your credit rating quickly

Teletrack is not a problem if you can improve your credit rating. We’ve prepared for you some smart tips that will help you boost your credit scoring incredibly so that you will take loans easily.


Though it may seem quite self-defeating, there are still many lenders that do not use Teletrack to manage risks. Do you know why? Credit organizations drive higher interests from every loan they give (regular installment loans offer lower interests you know) and always charge a borrower with extra fees to offset any risks. Interests rates are often not regulated and limited by the states, for example, the University of Washington ( reported that there are states not regulating interest rates at all.

In conclusion, we want you to remember: no Teletrack installment loans not only give you fast cash but they also provide you with a great opportunity to improve your loan history. A positive loan record allows for choosing the most trustworthy lender with the best credit offer.

You can discuss the terms of “Guaranteed No Teletrack Installment Loans” with lenders from our network. To do it, simply fill out our loan request form.